Thursday, November 1, 2012

FHE brothers and Road Trips

Well hey! It has been a while since I have written but life is soo crazy right now. I am so happy up here although it is getting colder and colder as the days go on.. and I am not really prepared for winter. Darn you Oklahoma. Where to begin… I am working hard in all my classes and I am pleased to say that I am not failing and that I don’t even have a C! WOOHOO! Well lets us start with what has been taking over my life. My FHE brothers. I love these boys so much, they are hilarious and super sweet. There is Nathan Allen from Phoenix, Arizona. He is 18 and has perfectly quaff, blonde hair. He is a super skinny guy and likes the same music I do and everyone says that he is the cutest kid in the apartment. Then there is Reed Lyon and he is also from Arizona and he is quiet and does Par-core which is jumping off of everything. haha he also has red hair and wears a trench coat, but don’t get me wrong he is sweet and fun. Next is Christian Rahman and he is from California. He is 18 and is a little stud muffin. He has taken 4 or 5 girls on a date so far this semester. He is fun to be around, and we have a brother and sister relationship pretty much. We can yell at each other and still talk about personal things. Then the rest of the brothers are RMs. J First there is Justin Klumker, he is from Olympia, Washington and went on a mission in Canada. He plays baseball and is hilarious. He also is the missionary prep teacher. This kid is awesome. I love hanging out with him and he just broke up with his girlfriend, and some girls in my apartment are pretty happy about that. ;) He is cousins with Nate (Nathan Allen) although they look nothing a like; you can still tell they are relatives. Next there is Michael Snell. He is amazing. I love this guy. (I cant call him kid cause he is 23 haha) He is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He served his mission in Canada also (that’s how Mike and Justin met) and we are constantly hanging out with him. He is off track right now so he has nothing better to do but I love hanging out with him. He is very sweet and friendly and is very observant. He makes the funniest jokes also. And last, but not least is Taylor Kirkham. He is from Blackfoot, Idaho and served his mission in Brazil. He speaks Portuguese anytime he can and he thinks he is pretty cool. Haha He is fun to be around and loves to get involved with everyone. He plays Frisbee and we come to his games sometimes. Well since we have met we see each other literally every day. I kid you not. Monday- FHE Tuesday- Devotional; we all go together  Wednesday- We usually get together for something… last week we went swimming together! That was soo fun! We threw balls at each other the whole time and played chicken and had a dunk off haha Thursday- Kenzie, Christian, and Nate all play on the 62nd ward soccer team, so we all go out to support them. Friday- Well Friday is Friday. We watch movies, eat food, play games, and go places. Saturday- We try not to see each other but that never works. Lately we have been going to the boys apartment and play rockband and we even played Capture the flag last week! Sunday- Church, then Sunday night after our apartment makes a delicious dinner we make ice cream or cookies and invite the boys over haha this Sunday we invited a bunch of people over to watch The Best Two Years. There were so many people there. Our FHE brothers, Kaylee invited Tyler Christensen’s apartment over and two friends from her home stake and our friends that we met at Get Connected (orientation). It was so fun. Also I have become obsessed with morphing people, on Friday night I stayed up till 4 in the morning morphing our faces with our FHE brothers faces, and morphing them into babies and morphing them with celebrities. Haha It was hilarious and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Well Its official, it snowed yesterday in Rexburg and I am NOT happy about it. It is October for Pete’s sake! Apparently its normal here.. whatever. 

The Whole FHE family! We went to the Corn Maze. 

Well for General Conference weekend, Kaylee, Mike, Taylor, Christian, and I all went to Provo for the game. First we dropped of Taylor at a mission reunion in Salt Lake and then we dropped of Christian at a friends house then Mike, Kaylee, and I all drove to Provo which took 2 ½ hours to get there from Brigham City. Stupid traffic. 
 (front) Taylor Kaylee (back) Mike me 

Taylor and Mike

Then we got to Provo, Mike met up with a friend and Kaylee and I went to Aunt Michelle’s house grabbed something to eat then headed for the game…. 1 quarter in. When we got to our seat it was like a little family reunion! There was Uncle Larry, Uncle Roger, Brady, Deardens, Benny, Emily, Corianne, Wesley, Vaughn and his wife, and others that have slipped my mind. It was so fun to see everyone!

 I felt so blessed to be in a wonderful family that loves each other and want to be with each other and I loved that. I talked to Wesley about college life for him. He loves it up there… playing basketball 24/7 and not going to class. Haha ooohh Wesley. Then at half time Aunt Michelle and I went down and talked to the Flake side of the family. I saw Hyrum, Ryan and his wife, Carson and his wife, and other people that have slipped my mind. When Ryan saw me, he just over looked me like I was Michelles friend haha then Aunt Michelle was like do you remember Shantelle? And he was like WHAT? Your Shantelle? Holy crap. You were tiny last time I saw you! How old are you now? Haha it was really funny. Then we went to get back in our seat when we saw this tall tall dude and everyone around him was taking picture with him and stuff, turns out it was Brandon Davies. Haha Pretty cool. Then we watched the rest of the game, we won! J Then we headed home and the next day we were going to watch Taken 2 and Kaylee had never seen Taken and Aunt Michelle had it so we invited Mike and his friend, Dan, and Taylor over to watch it. After the movie, we all told funny stories about missions and animals and other stuff till 3 in the morning. After they left, we went to bed. The next morning conference was starting and I wanted to go shopping but Kaylee wanted to watch conference so we all were watching conference when President Monson was talking about missionary work. Turns out that talk changed everyone’s lives.
After he announced the change in age for missionary work, I kind of lost it. I was thinking about Wesley and Lyndon and my roommates that were 19, and kids at home having the opportunity to go on a mission. And then it hit me. I, Shantelle Christensen, could go on a mission, in 8 months! Wesley, Lyndon, and I could all be in the same MTC! My mind was blown to say the least. I was texting a bunch of people and Lyndon was talking to me about going on a mission and he was saying things that I could go on a mission and that I should go on a mission. I was thinking about that a lot and I went to the bathroom and got down on my knees and prayed that I would know the right thing to do in my life, and if I would go on a mission that I would know that it was the right decision and know how to prep for it. I was praying and I was filled with the spirit and then I heard a knock on the front door and it was Mike and Taylor ready to watch Taken 2. I got up and talked to Aunt Michelle about missions and told her to have Kaylee and the boys go on without me. So they left and I talked to Aunt Michelle and Uncle Brian about going on a mission and then Aunt Michelle and I went shopping and talked about everything. haha I love having an amazing aunt like Aunt Michelle. She has helped me with everything and has confidence in me, she is my best friend. After that we got in the car and headed back to Rexburg. On the way back however, we stopped at Blackfoot and stayed at The Kirkham Event Center. Haha AKA Taylor’s grandparent house. Haha at his house we watched tv, jumped on the tramp, and stargazed. It was super cold but it was a blast. J I am so grateful for the great roommates and great FHE brothers that I was blessed with. I am so happy this semester.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard

Hey guys! its been a while! I was going to write all about getting here and all that jazz but i have NO time its a work hard, play hard nowadays so..sorry if they arent very detailed. but hey! Im doing them! Well this weekend was super fun and exciting! I got a calling! I am visiting teaching coordinater and we got our fhe brothers today which is awesome! On Friday, three of my roommates went to the Dirty Dash in Utah, which is a 5k through mud! they had a blast and had the scars to show it! haha So Kaylee, my roommate Rachel and I all had the apartment to ourselves! So on Friday we vowed to not do any homework. (that is pretty crazy if i do say so myself) So we went to Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the BYU-I conference center. It was AMAZING. Kaylee had a date :) so me and Rachel and my friend Carlos sat together and there was some freak next to us and he was dancing and singing haha. Poor Rachel. But it was funny to watch. haha I also met a girl from Idaho or Oregon. She was super nice and fun! then after that Carlos and I went to Kiwi Loco (fro yo) with some of my other friends and then we went running through the sprinklers and drank hot coco. I came in at about 1 then Kaylee, Rachel, and I watched cute songs on youtube. There is a song called What are Words and it is a great song but sooo sad. (my song of the post/date today) Then we went to bed and got up at 10 and worked on homework till 6 haha KILL ME. but we watched Swan Princess and disney youtube videos. Then Carlos and Luis came over to make orange chicken and white rice together. SOO FREAKIN GOOD! Then we went to Sammys which is groups of bands that come and preform and we went and it was so cool and we got free cds from the bands. Then we went to the Hart for a sweet dance party and it was so packed and super fun! Then we went to Shake Out and had fries and FRY SAUCE! haha I had never had it before but it was super good. haha Then today, we got up, and went to church at 9:30 am and got a calling. went to all my meeting and then came home and me and Kaylee were in charge of Sunday dinner and we made lasagna (well actually Kaylee did because we were all asleep from watching Sence and Senceability sorry cant spell) and when I was sleeping our FHE brothers come over and introduced theirselves and they were super nice and then there was a meeting for all people with callings and then we came home and Kaylee started making homemade ice cream and we invited an apartment every sunday night for ice cream "sundays" haha sundays haha good one right!? well everyone is here and I am in my room like a loser so I better get out there!
My Side of the Room!
Me, Kaylee, Rachel, Jackie, Kenzie, and Ellyn
AKA my roommates!
until next time,
What are Words
by: Chris Medina

Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 days!

Howdy! :) Well i have exactly 5 days left in Oklahoma! :) crazy crazy. I am so excited for something new and different! My room is almost all packed up (if that tells you how excited I am.) We sent boxes up to South Jordan were my aunt lives (since we are flying there) to pick up on the way up to Rexburg! Its all coming together!

On Friday all the adults were going to the Express Ranch Dinner that happens every year the night before the auction and its a pretty big deal going. A band would be there and Bob Funk (Owner of Express Ranch) and free steak and shrimp! It sounded so fun! Plus Uncle Grant, Aunt Maren, Uncle Mark, and baby Leif were coming down from Tulsa to go. When they were all leaving to go my dad said HEY! Get you clothes on Shantelle! Your an adult too! haha so I went with all the adults (Dad, Mom, me, Mark, Maren, Grant, Leif, Erica, Dennis, Aaron, Derren, Melanie, Megan, Monte, Nathan, and Kathy) It was really fun going and seeing Bob Funk's mansion. There were over 1,000 people there. SO crazy. Then they talked about cattle ranching and using there southern humor and charm at its fulliest. Loved it. Then the bloody GOVERNOR spoke and then Miss America gave a rose to all the women that were born in August so Maren went up there and got a rose by Miss America! haha pretty awesome. It was really fun getting to see the south at its best and dressing up cowboy and being with all the adults. It was a blast. and the food was delicious! :) but of course I forgot my camera.... sorry guys.

So pretty much everyday Carley and I get together so we can hang out as much as possible before i head out. So on Tuesday? dont really remember the date, she came over and we played dunk ball and took swweeett pictures of us doing backflips and stuff and playing the lazy game haha (you lay down and try and make a basket before everyone else, surprisingly really fun!) then we went inside to play Ticket to Ride but somehow we ended in a huge water fight!

haha ya...we got in trouble. but it was fun! then we played ticket to ride then she went home. Then the next day Carley wanted me to go to the doctor with her since her mom couldnt go (kindergarden teacher) so we went to the doctor and then went to a mexican resturant to eat! :) it was fun! and look what I found!

Then Wednesday my mom and I went shopping and getting things done. (Like FINALLY paying off my ticket) and we were in Aldi and one of the workers there looks JUST LIKE the singer of the band fun. so I decided to take a picture with him haha he was really nice and funny but it was kind of embarrassing but whatever!

See! I think they look a lot alike!
 then we went to Sams Club and we were getting samples from this lady and she was soo hilarious and was just so funny to talk too. haha Then when were were leaving her she was like "Nice meeting you guys, you guys have been great" ha ha we think that she was ending stand up comedy or something. haha whatever lady. but it made us laugh soo hard. We also went to the downtown Goodwill were we got some super cute stuff! i even got a Ann Taylor jacket for ,thats right, 2 bucks! :) what can I say im a bargin shopper. It was so fun! Then we went home and the boys found a kite that i got (75 cents) and we got it out and started flying it! :)

they loved it! Today Carter asked me fourty times if we could fly the kite again. haha so it was a hit! and they are pretty cute too. Then Carley came over and we watched TV and relaxed.

Then today I woke up, went on a walk with my mom, went to drop off the car at the shop (bad brakes) and then went to Walmart to get some stuff we forgot yesturday... oh mother. and then went to Bramns for lunch! YUM! i am going to freakin miss that place. Like where to people get ice cream in Idaho? I seriously have NO idea. I went to Coldstone up there once. but it was like I was buying ice cream at Hollister or something. Then we went home fixed the fence for my dad since he left this morning for BYU for the football game. and then I started cleaning my room and packing a few more boxes! YAY! my room is empty now! haha i think thats a good thing...  then at 6 sister Mamfeldt (my old Young Womens leader) took me out to dinner at Teds! :) love that place and we talked about everything under the sun and I had fun talking to her about life!

She is so fun!
Then me crazy brothers started tackling me.

haha Nice pics gretch! :)

Also I would like to tell you about my new toy I want ever so much! A LONGBOARD. I want one so bad. It is awesome watching people just crusin around and I want one for college since i cant bring up my bike. sad face. stupid airplane. haha but I think it would be awesome to ride around campus on one or those narly things. The only problem is that they are all at least 100 bucks. :( BUT we were in Walmart yesturday and they were only 50! yes yes yes YES! so i think i am going to get one when i get to Salt Lake (stupid airplane) so today I have been looking up how to ride one, what one to get, and getting to excited for something I dont have yet, nor never tried but in my room on my invisible one.... haha NO FRIENDS. but i want one bad.

So I am going to start putting music up at least everytime i post, since i FREAKIN LOVE MUSIC and I have weird taste in music (I like indie/ hipster music! and recently 50s...) so today in honor of the guy at Aldi! here is some fun. :) Carry on to be exact. I am in love with this song right now.. I will probably post music that i am obsessed with at the moment so you all can enjoy the music with me! :)

Until next time!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Howdy Ya'll!

Howdy Ya'll! Well these past few days have been great! :) All the kids get up and head to school while I stay in my nice warm bed! Then I get up and my mom and I go for a walk since it is BEAUTIFUL outside. 86 degrees.. cue the angels singing! haha We have a few friends that come with us along the way...

Good Ol Daisy and our cat Bronco... or is it Cougar... cant keep track of them there are 13 now. Yeah. Our cats had kittens again. My mom is so mad. We talk about everything on our walk.. but mainly college. Then we make breakfast and then we start the day! :) it is so fun talking to my mom and get to know her better. Crazy that I have lived with her my whole life and I have learned more about her this week then 18 years of seeing her everyday. Sad, I know but better than never! Well my list is getting checked through! Im getting closer and closer to leaving! I finally figured out my schedule, and I have 17 credits. I wanted 13 but daddy said he aint paying if i dont have more than 14. My classes are:

Family Foundations- MW - great professor. Was highly recommended and his class was actually full and its a 200 class not a 100 so i didnt think i would make it in but i emailed him and he said yes! :) so excited to be in his class.

Home and Family Management- MWF- Had to take this class because it fit perfectly in my schedule and i really didnt have a choice. Professor is boring but class is easy.

Art 101-TTH-so pumped! Great professor. fun class.

Science Foundations-MW- Good professor.

Beauty and Creativity-MWF- Excited for this class! sounds like a blast!

Art 110- This class is an online class, not the biggest fan of online but had no choice. but im not to worried about it.

Clogging-TTH- hahaha soo excited CLOGGING! who clogs? oh yeah! no one! haha Kaylee and I will be taking this one together. :)

All my classes are between 9-2 and only 2 classes on Friday! :) Perfect if i do say so myself.
(sorry you probably dont care at all but... this is MY blog.) ;)

Well Wesley offically leaves tomorrow at 6 A.M. to take on the world! To say goodbye, yesturday all the cousins got together at Uncle Aarons house and the boys played dunk ball and the men went hot tubing. while the women chatted. (of course.) and then we all said goodbye.
Then today Wesley, Molly, and I all decided to get together and say goodbye to wesley and talk about college. So this morning, go up, picked wesley up and we went to yukon and.....went to Goodwill... i seriously have a problem i think. BUT look what i found! :)

 I was looking for a record player... but no such luck. Then we met Molly at Chick Fil A and ate and talked. It has been FOREVER since we have hanged out. I havent seen Molly (other than church) for a whole year. so we had alot to talk about. haha then we went to her house, talked and then watched Taken. greatest movie ever. I love that movie so much. one of my favorites. Then we went home.
College Students!

When I got home my mom, Gretchen, and Tyler were at the doctor because they got poison ivy from family pictures! btw! Family pictures are coming soon! they are going to be awesome! :) Oh speaking of which! Kellan? Kellen? not sure on the spelling, got pictures done!

 What a cutie he is! 6 months already! Then I got more textbooks in the mail for college and started working on Emily Feldman's shoes. and i FINALLY got them done! :) they are freakin awesome. I like them better than mine..

so wear them ALL the time Emily!

My dad is so crazy. Today my mom went in their closet to talk to my dad after he got back from feeding the cows and this is what she saw...

and she asked why do you have 60 cans of pop? and his reply? Thats the way I roll.

Until next time!



Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey Everyone! Well i decide to make a blog! It has been a hard choice but I decide to get one! :)

Well. This week has been pretty busy. Shocker there. I babysat Dennis and Erica's kids till thursday while all they went to Jamaica with all the salesmen that work for A+. The kids were amazing! I loved every minute with them! They are all good at everything and even taught me a few recipes. haha Spencer is killer at piano. He just sits down and starts playing Bach! its crazy. Sarah is going to be a great mother. She is hard working and takes care of her brothers and sisters. Grant is funny and is a roller coaster magician. Brooklyn is going to be a fashionista when she gets older, if she isnt one now. She looked sharp and cute on the first day of school. Brianna is hilarious and tells it like it is. She told me right before bed that she will never go to bed that she is going to stay up forever! oh boy.

Also everyone is going to school now and its just my mom and I at the house. soo weird. but i like it. :) We have been talking about college and she stressed me out a little bit talking about all the things we need to do before i leave. Dont worry. I made a list. ;) its getting pretty long. and i only have two weeks to get it done! Wish me luck. Lyndon is a senior, Gretchen is a Sophmore, Austin is in 8th grade, Tyler is in 6th, Lance is in 4th, Chandler 1st, and Carter is in Pre-K! :) ...I might have lied to you about some of there grades in school, but there are to many of them. #dontjudgeme. Carter and Chandler are soo dang cute and are best friends. although they fight like no buddys business.

but cute nonetheless.

Oh! and Wesley leaves for BYU on thursday! can you believe that! he is leaving! to go to college! I cant wrap my head around it. So sad that i cant see him whenever I want anymore. :(

Well. The cats out of the bag. I love thrifting. I am obsessed actually. I have gone almost everyday this week. Here is the tale of how it all began.....

    My mom needed baskets for the family reunion and the best place to look was Goodwill. Well Gretchen, my mom, and I all went there and i used to HATE going in there because it smelled weird and hobos were in there haha When my mom was looking for baskets Gretchen and i went wondering through the skirts and found sooo many cute skirts and shorts and then we went to the long sleeved shirts and loved them. haha and when my mom got back her mouth dropped. haha it was all 80s clothes and she was shocked that we liked it. Yeah. I got a skirt that came with a dew rag, Gretchen got pilgrim skirts. I got some sweet MC Hammer pants and Gretchen got some awesome red floral pants. Everyone dont get to jealous. If you really want to see them I would love to post these clothes. :)

Then on Monday Carley and I went to the mall for clothes and we had a blast shopping. haha she convinced me to get a tiger sweater. (which is pretty sweet i might add.) and we got nail polish and Carley got a tyedie shirt and we tried on a bra that had pointy gold thing on it haha it is hilarious. then we headed to Goodwill... :) it was a BLAST! we are in there for two hours straight if that says anything. We found a huge Molly Brown approved fur coat and a swweet tribe 80s shirt and pants that were a perfect match. why 80s why... haha and a tribal looking jean shirt with boob tassels included. haha when carley was trying it on we were laughing really hard and she was in mid-button and said oh my gosh. and i turned around and two FREAKIN hot guys walked in, stopped, and looked at us like we were freaks and kept walking. meanwhile our faces were literally wide open. After that we looked for another hour and got some great stuff. Carley got two vests (totally awesome and 80s of course.) two shirts, a leopard mug and more stuff i cant think of at the top of my head. I got a jean shirt and a leopard shirt and an 80s radio for my apartment! haha yeah vintage. heck yes. then we went for ice cream and headed home. haha i forgot to tell you that we were in Goodwill and Carley was like what is t size? and i was like what? oh plus (+) size?? hahaha I love her.

Then the next day we went to Yukon because my mom needed to talk to some of the young women about personal progress. and we went there and then to goodwill... haha what? i like Goodwill! and I went to the back and looked at all the old stuff back there and i found records. Records! and i started looking through them and I found a BEATLES record! :) I was pumped expecially since it was $1.50.
I found a few more and then i was looking through the electronics and I found a record player! haha 4 bucks. So i bought it along with a flower shirt and when i got in the car my mom was like hey! Grandma Mannewitz is trying to get rid of all of her records call her and see if you can get them from her! and of course i did. and she said that i could have all of her records! haha yes! and speakers becuase i didnt realize that there were no speakers. so i was set! buut they were four hours away in Texas. Crap. Well my aunt Kathy went to a wedding yesturday and stopped and got all this crap from grandmas house and gave them all to me today! but she left the speakers... sooo i have all these awesome records and nothing to listen to them with. awesome. :( Soo tomorrow I am looking for a record player WITH speakers. and getting rid of my other one... if you want it be my guest. Here are some of my favorites that i got! 

Get Jealous everyone! :) OKlahoma, Saturday Night Fever, Huey Lewis and the News, The Beatles, Grease!, Chicago, The Beach Boys, and The Monkees :)

 I also got my moms letter jacket from when she was in high school.

its pretty rad if i do say so myself.

and i also got a box of white shoes. weird. haha but i was telling my cousins at the family reunion about me painting my shoes and how cool they turned out (pictures will be coming later) and they were like "can you make us some!" and i was like get me some shoes and i will! soo... Im painted some more shoes! I hope she will like them.

Later is now i guess. haha